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Friday, August 1, 2014

For Everything A Season By Sharon Pape

From a review by Phillip Nork: The book starts out in the 1600's when the Salem witch trails were held. An older lady 'sees' a man fall to his death in her dreams. This lady, Emily Hawkins, is put to death because the villagers think she is a witch. Just before she hangs she gives a warning that she is not a witch but that she can see the future and she tells the crowd that one person lives in the neighborhood and from his line a child will be born who will bring destruction beyond their worst imaging. A little girl thinks she knows who this other person is and a crowd goes to his house and burns his house down with him in it.

Forward to the 1980's and a thirty-something single lady named Debra takes a summer job at a kid's camp in a small town called Rachael Crossings and the fun begins. The only place left to rent is an old house, a haunted house according to the locals, but no one tells Debra about it.

The story continues and Debra meets a man, but is he real? In her thirty years of being alive Debra never met a man she could love but she falls for this one. Maybe it's all a dream.

Alibis and Amethysts,the first book in Sharon Pape's Crystal Shop Mysteries, debuts on August 20th, 2013 from Berkley Intermix.Visit her website to read an excerpt.
The fourth book in her Portrait of Crime Mysteries, Sketcher in the Rye, will be released on December 17th, also by Berkley Intermix. Both books are available for preorder.
Sharon is also the author of three earlier novels, one of which was condensed in Redbook magazine. It was the first paperback original the magazine ever condensed.
For more on Sharon's background, visit her website:

For Everything A Season

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