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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Soul Dancing with the Brass Band by Vicki Renfro

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Hillary, a farm girl from Kansas, never gave it a second thought. She always believed her big adventure would be going away to college until she learned about a promise she had made two thousand years ago.

"Soul Dancing with the Brass Band" is an amazing read! It is a page turner, fast and engrossing. The parallel stories are brilliantly done, making the reader want more. There are layers to this story filled with enlightening information that gives the reader a new perspective on life on this planet in this dimension. And it reminds me to go inward to discover who I am. The author shows us that there is magic in life.
Vicki Renfro is an excellent story-teller! I cannot wait for the sequel!
Gail Michael, Author

Vicki Renfro holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Kansas State University, has worked as a process-piping designer, facilities engineer and owned a small business, which has absolutely nothing to do with her love of writing. Taking a sabbatical from work, she finally found time to write her first novel. Vicki lives in Colorado with her husband Ed and furry friend, Neo.

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