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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Calling by Amber Foxx

The Calling
By Amber Foxx

The first Mae Martin psychic mystery

Published December, 2013

No murders, just mysteries.

Every life hides a secret, and love is the deepest mystery of all.

Obeying her mother’s warning, Mae Martin-Ridley has spent years hiding her gift of “the sight.” When concern for a missing hunter compels her to use it again, her peaceful life in a small Southern town begins to fall apart. New friends who accept her unusual talents push her to explore them further, but as she does, she discovers the shadow side of her visions— access to secrets she could regret uncovering.

Gift or curse? When an extraordinary ability intrudes on an ordinary life, ready or not, everything changes.

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Amber Foxx writes the mystery series featuring healer and psychic Mae Martin. Amber’s professional training and academic studies in various fields of complementary and alternative medicine, as well as her personal experience and travels, bring authenticity to her work.  She divides her time between the southeast and the southwest, but Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is HOME.

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