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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 11th Percent - New Release Coming Halloween! - by T.H. Morris

The 11th Percent
by T.H. Morris
Coming October 31st

The 11th Percent is a paranormal novel set in the fictional town of Rome, North Carolina and centers on every man Jonah Rowe. Jonah is a discontented corporate employee who simply wants his life to be more than the boring, aimless existence he has been experiencing. His wish came……in the form of discovering he is the focal point in an ongoing spiritual conflict.
The 11th Percent is full of wild, paranormal phenomena and unbelievable events, yet there is a healthy realism and relatable factor to the stories and characters. In fact, it is where the line between realism and fantasy gets blurred that Jonah realizes his strengths and self-worth, as well as begin to understand the keys to his survival.

The book is the first in a series of seven. Its sequel is currently in the works.

T.H. Morris (born Terrick Heckstall) is a lifelong writer who was born in 1984 and raised in Colerain, North Carolina.  He has been living in Greensboro, North Carolina for the past twelve years. He is an avid reader, primarily in the genre of science fiction and fantasy because he enjoys creating people, situations, and worlds. He holds a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and has spent several years as a therapist and mental health clinician. 
He has been writing in some way, shape, or form ever since he was strong enough to hold a pen or pencil, and began writing The 11th Percent in 2011. He still resides in Greensboro, with his wife of six years. 

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